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Monin Syrup - Banana 700ml


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Monin Syrup - Banana 700ml

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Monin Yellow Banana Syrup - Banane Jaune
The banana is the most well known and eaten tropical fruit. Its white, aromatic pulp is enjoyed around the world. Many of us enjoy bananas as a snack throughout the day.
For unmatched versatility, Monin Banana is a delicious option for enjoying rich, fresh banana taste in countless beverages.
Clear light gold.
Strong nose of ripe banana; velvet banana flambé taste. 

Monin Cocktail Recipe iPhone Support Application

MONIN Ultimate Cocktails App

MONIN Ultimate Cocktails App


This flavour allows you to enhance the flavours of your coffees, cappuccinos, tea, granitas, to create cocktails and mocktails.

Many resturants also use the monin syrup range as a final touch for desserts to help flavours of out of season or low quailty fruits.

These syrups are produced by the reknown French brand Monin, with the highest quality of the industry, Using natural fruit and white beet sugar. 

Monin syrups are made exclusively with pure cane sugar also known as white beet sugar.

As an aroma enhancer, pure cane sugar optimises the restitution of flavour and respect for all other ingredients, it also increases the stability of the product and shelf life expectancy.


The Monin range contains no fat, no cholesterol and no artificial preservatives. With the range homogenised and flash pasteurised to give the best possible quality and natural flavours. 

Cocktails: Add base spirit for low alcohol cocktail.

Mocktails: Blend Monin with ice/fruit juices etc.

Flavoured Cappuccino: Try 10ml Hazelnut or Irish Cream.

Milkshakes/Smoothies: 60ml any of the 52 flavours.

European Soda: Try Kiwi/Passionfruit topped with soda.

Iced Teas: Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Lemon. Add water.

Granita: Up market ice slush drink. Blend with ice.

Sparkling/Still Wine/Sangria: Add 10ml to Champagne.

Winter Hot Toddies: Try Apple & Cinnamon, add boiling water & Slice of lemon

Marinades: e.g. Apricot for chicken.

Flavouring: Cream, Custard & Yoghurt. 30ml to one cup.

Pastries/Baking/Desserts/Pancakes: Also as a glaze for tarts.

Children's Cocktails: In a blender with ice/fruit/juices.

Monin non-alcoholic liqueur syrups has been a French brand since 1912 and exported to over 75 countries around the world. 

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